Sorting Activities for Kindergarten

One of my student’s favorite units throughout the year has always been sorting by attributes. Kids love to be able to look at the objects around them and recognize how they are similar or different. By teaching students how to…

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3D Shapes Activities for Kindergarten

3D shapes can be a difficult concept for young students to grasp. Let’s make teaching 3D shapes fun by incorporating hands-on, interactive projects into your math lessons. These five 3D shapes activities for kindergarten have proven to be class favorites…

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Easy Science Review Game

When you come to the end of a science unit and you want to check for understanding, what do you do? Let’s skip the boring review worksheets and bust out a fun review game. Use Science SCOOT Games! I’ve used…

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Quick Science Ideas for the Classroom

Are you frustrated with how little time you have for teaching science? Does science get put on the back burner because of the heavy focus on literacy in the primary grades? Well, you are not alone! There never seems to…

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