Reading Goals for a New Year

Heading back to school after the holiday break reminds me of how I felt back at the beginning of the school year.  I am filled with a renewed sense of ambition, energy, and excitement.  It’s amazing how some family time and Christmas cookies can quickly make you forget how nutty the last week of school had been.  

Now is the time to prepare for the long haul toward the end of the school year. I am looking forward to hitting the ground running! I love to set goals for the year, both personally and professionally.  Having a clear vision of what I want to accomplish really helps to guide me throughout the year.  I think it is important for our students to have goals as well, especially in the classroom.  

Setting Reading Goals

When we return to school this coming week I am looking forward to helping my students set their reading goals for the rest of the school year.  In kindergarten, these goals can vary from mastering letter recognition to reading a level G fluently.  Regardless of the child’s ability level, we will be setting attainable goals that will help them on their reading journey.

Free reading goals recording sheets.
FREE Reading Goals Recording Sheets

These reading goals recording sheets are a great tool to use with students to help them focus in on a goal that will lead them to reading success.  I like to set goals with my students 1:1 to make sure they have a clear understanding of their goals.  I fill out the form for them and have them write in places they are capable of filling out, such as their name.  This bonding time with each student is a treat. We keep it fun and light with a clear focus.  Here are two examples of completed forms:

Completed Reading Goal Sheet for the letters of the alphabet.
Reading goals recording sheet for reading levels.

Once our goals are completed, I send home a parent letter with a copy of each goal plan. This keeps parents aware of their child’s reading goals and can help them to practice at home.

Parent communication letter for sending home reading goals.

Reviewing Goals

I review these goals with students several times throughout the year to make sure they are on track.  A good time to meet is after assessments are given and you can update their progress together.  When goals are accomplished, students can create new goals.  You can reward students for their hard work with recognition in class, a certificate of accomplishment (included in this free resource), or a letter home to their family.

I hope you have an amazing year and that this resource helps you and your students accomplish great things.  You can find this FREE resource by clicking on any of the pictures above or check it out here: 

FREE Reading Goals Recording Sheets

If you love goal setting with your students, be sure to check out the math and writing versions of these recording sheets.

Writing goals recording sheets for goal setting.
Recording sheets for math goals.

Happy goal setting!

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