Fun Science for the Classroom

Do you feel the struggle to create fun science lessons that are engaging for your students but you have horrible resources or none at all? I know I sure did! I knew I had to find a balance between the boring workbooks provided to us and the daunting thought of creating over the top science experiments that were costly, messy, and took a ton of time to prep.

Science can be fun in the classroom, and here’s how!

  1. Make it hands-on!

The first thing I always consider when planning a science lesson is “how can I make this idea/concept hands-on?” I always want to make sure I get the topic into my student’s hands, allowing them to use their five senses to observe as much as possible.

exploring matter activity with kid rolling clay
  1. Make it FUN!

Science should be fun! Giving your students the chance to explore, make mistakes, interact with their peers, and move around during their learning is a great start!

gravity activity with student dropping sticks
  1. Mix it up!

Explore different ways of presenting a science topic to your students. Show them visuals, books, videos, realia, etc. Give them opportunities to work alone, in pairs, small groups, and as a whole class. Find what works best for your students and run with it!

  1. Make it work for you.

When you love teaching science, your students will love learning science. Find what makes you feel excited about teaching science and create that same joy for your students. If you have limited time for teaching science, find a way to fit it in throughout the day. Incorporate your science topics into reading, writing, or math.

hands-on five senses science activities
  1. Make it memorable.

Children have the gift of finding joy in the simplest things. Something as easy as a tray of earthworms to observe is a great way to get conversations started about living things. A stack of books and some toy cars can spark little scientists to explore how things move. You can make it memorable and magical without making yourself crazy.

How do you make science memorable? Give students the chance to use all of their senses to explore, observe, and understand an idea.

dancing raisins experiment with observations recording sheet

Science is FUN!

Making science activities and lessons exciting for your students doesn’t have to be expensive and time-consuming. Adding movement, hands-on activities, and peer interactions help to make science in the classroom a blast!

Get started with these hands-on lessons!

I’ve collected some fun science activities for you to try with your students in your classroom. They are compiled here in this FREE resource. Have fun teaching science with your students. You got this!

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