Outdoor Science Activities for Kids

Teaching outdoors is a blast, especially when teaching outdoor science activities! Allowing students to explore and investigate in nature is memorable and fun.

Get Outside!

Take your lessons outside.

Science in the primary classroom can easily be taught outside with just a little bit of planning. You will find that most science lessons can be adapted to the outdoors with little materials needed. Use a wagon as an easy way to transport any materials you may need. Magnifying glasses, clipboards, and pencils are a great place to start. Are you ready to fall in love with teaching science outside?

student observation sheet for the daytime sky

Don’t make it too complicated.

The beauty of taking your science lessons outside is that it gives students the perfect environment to observe and explore. It can be as simple as giving students magnifying glasses to find examples of living things. Make the environment around your school, work for you, and your lessons.

clipboard for student to make observations of living and nonliving things outdoors

Let students run the show.

This is the perfect opportunity for your students to explore and interact with the world around them. First, give them the time and space to be creative and find understanding through play and discovery. You will soon find that your students are growing academically and the fresh air is helping their overall well-being.

Student kicking ball outside exploring force and motion

You got this!

  • Get outside
  • Keep it simple
  • Make it student-directed
  • Keep it fun! 

Get started

Need a little help getting started? Need some ideas on how to take science outside? I have put together this FREE resource of fun outdoor science activities to get your students exploring the world around them.

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