Quick Science Ideas for the Classroom

Are you frustrated with how little time you have for teaching science? Does science get put on the back burner because of the heavy focus on literacy in the primary grades? Well, you are not alone!

There never seems to be enough time!

Doesn’t it seem that with the craziness of the school day, and the complexity of the reading, writing and math blocks, other subjects can sometimes suffer? Science and social studies tend to be pushed aside or are forced to split a time slot.

Making time for science can be easy.

We can easily integrate science into other subject areas. If you don’t have the time in your schedule that is solely devoted to science, you can add science topics to your other blocks. Choose texts to read aloud that are about your science topic, incorporate science themes into writing, or squeeze it into any tiny chunks of time you can find.

day and night science interactive reader

Interactive Readers save the day!

The solution I found for my lack of time to teach science exclusively, is interactive readers. Science interactive readers are a great way to squeeze science into even the tiniest of blocks. The readers can be used across several lessons and are perfect for quick science lessons for whole group instruction, small groups as well as center activities.

quick science activity for sorting daytime pictures

Interactive science readers are easy to prep and give teachers the ability to break each page down into 5-10 minute mini-lessons. You will love the flexibility and ease of interactive readers, they are total time savers! Try this Day and Night Interactive Reader for free and prepare to fall in love.

examples of pages from a science interactive reader.

You got this!

With a little planning and subject integration, finding time for science will feel like a breeze.

Give it a try!

Get started with this Day and Night interactive reader, you and your students will love them! Go at your own pace and have fun.

Free day and night interactive reader.

Looking for more quick science ideas?

If you are looking for more ways to incorporate fun and quick science lessons into your daily schedule, be sure to check out these other blog posts that contain ideas and free resources that are sure to be a big help.

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