Easy Science Review Game

When you come to the end of a science unit and you want to check for understanding, what do you do? Let’s skip the boring review worksheets and bust out a fun review game.

Use Science SCOOT Games!

I’ve used SCOOT and write the room activities in my reading and math blocks for years, but adding them to my science lessons had never occurred to me. Once I started using them as a way to review science, it became clear that they were much more effective than pencil and paper tasks.

Student writing answers to a easy science review game called SCOOT.

Get students moving and reviewing!

Students love SCOOT games because they can get up and move around. A bonus is that they only have to answer one question at a time, which limits the possibility of students feeling overwhelmed. You can place the SCOOT cards on student desks or post them around the room to increase movement.

Give it a try!

Give SCOOT games a try with this fun, FREE, Day and Night version! You and your students will love the ease of this review game.

A visual of the piece included in a easy science review game for Day and Night.

Looking for more quick and fun ideas?

If you are looking for more ways to incorporate fun and quick science lessons into your daily schedule, be sure to check out these other blog posts that contain ideas and free resources that are sure to be a big help.

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