Helpful Daily Digital Activities For Kindergarten And Pre-K

Digital Activities for Kindergarten

What if I told you there were digital activities for kindergarten that could tackle all of the following things?

  • Guide your daily lessons
  • Morning Work
  • Morning Meeting
  • Daily Review
  • Center Work
  • Small-Group Work
  • Whole-Class Assignments
  • Dismissal Work

Well, there is good news! This resource does exist. I know, it sounds too good to be true, but let me show you just how useful these daily digital slides can be. You are going to love the many options for utilizing them in your classroom and they will save you tons of planning time.

Daily Digital Activities Slides

Each daily set of digital activities for kindergarten includes a slide for the following topics.

  • Calendar/Weather
  • Math Review (only in the 4th quarter set)
  • Math
  • Phonics/Foundational Skills
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Social Studies
  • Science *During the 1st + 2nd quarter, science and social studies split the week with 2/3 slides each

In short, with all of these topics covered, it is easy to see how you can cover multiple lessons with each set of daily slides. Make sure you grab the free samples shown below!

Daily Planning is a Breeze

This resource contains everything you need for a year of daily digital lessons in Google Slides. They are broken down into daily assignments that students can finish throughout the day. There are also two helpful materials included that will help you with your daily planning. You will be given a curriculum map that will show the year as a whole, as well as a more detailed weekly list that will let you know what topics are covered each day.

Morning Work and Morning Meeting

The first slide of every daily digital download includes activities perfect for morning meeting. These are great for students to complete as a class, or individually as part of their morning routine. Students will complete the date, days of the week, and daily weather.

If students have access to their own computers/tablets, these activities are great for morning work. Another option is to use the slides as review work to start the school day. You can use your smart board to work together as a class to complete the activities.

Center Work and Small Group Work

With all of the curriculum areas covered in these slides, it is easy to incorporate them into your center time and small group instruction. My favorite activity for centers and small group work are the daily reading slides. To begin with, students read a short passage and use digital highlighting tape to identify the sight words they are given. Then they will read the passage three times and mark the boxes after each attempt. Finally, students answer a few comprehension questions about the passage.

Whole-Class and End of the Day Review

Just like a solid morning routine, an end-of-the-day routine can calm the craziness of transition time. Using review activities at dismissal time is a great way to keep students engaged and calm as they prepare to leave for the day. In addition, they can act as exit tickets, allowing students to show off their knowledge as they head home. Students may also work on the slides together as a class, or independently in their seats.


The best part about this resource is that you have the flexibility to use it any way you choose. With this in mind, you can get creative and have fun with it. Teachers have enjoyed using them for homework, sub plans, and digital work during distance learning.

You can grab an entire year of daily digital activities or you can get them on a week-to-week basis. These slides are available in kindergarten as well as pre-k. The pre-k set includes 5 activity slides per day while the Kindergarten set has 6-8 activities per day.

Try them for FREE!

Click the pictures below to try these daily digital activities for kindergarten and pre-k.

Kindergarten Morning Work Digital Activities

Free Kindergarten 1st Quarter Daily Activities

Daily Digital Morning Work for Kindergarten

Free Kindergarten 2nd Quarter Daily Activities

Preschool digital morning work

Free Pre-K 1st Quarter Daily Activities

I can’t wait for you to fall in love with these digital activities for kindergarten and pre-k. Without a doubt, these slides are sure to save you tons of time and provide a ton of fun for your students.

Learn more about these awesome bundles here:

Kindergarten Morning Work Daily Digital Activities for Google Classroom

PreK Morning Work Daily Digital Activities for Google Classroom

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