Main Idea and Details Activities for Little Learners

Free main idea and details worksheets

Do you love teaching main idea and details? I do! During my first year of teaching, I was terrified at the fact that 5 and 6-year-olds had to be able to identify the main topic and retell key details of a text. When I began teaching these concepts, I quickly realized that helping students to capture the big idea can be a ton of fun.

Why do we teach main idea in kindergarten and first grade?

The ultimate goal in teaching main idea is for students to begin the process of comprehending what they are reading. When students can identify the main idea and details of a text or story, it is easier for them to summarize their reading. This ultimately leads to better comprehension.

main idea and details graphic organizers and worksheets

Introducing main idea and details

Categorizing pictures, objects and words has proven to be a great way of introducing main idea to young students. Next, we move on to identifying the big ideas across a range of texts and genres. Anchor charts and graphic organizers are a fun way to help students visualize their findings. In addition, it can be extremely beneficial to read a text together and work through finding the important details and big idea..

free main idea and details worksheets

Beginning with simple text

When students are young, it is important to use short texts to find the main idea. Having the ability to extract the main idea and details from a simple text will help them summarize in the future. Teach students to investigate the title and beginning sentences for clues. Show them that sometimes the author can be very clear about the main topic and other times it can be hidden.

free main idea and details practice pages

Eager to get started?

You and your students will love learning about finding the key idea and details with this fun resource! Tackle this concept with young learners by using an original song, cut and paste practice pages, and other unique activities. Your students will get the hang of finding the big idea in no time at all!

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Fall in love with these FREE practice pages

Start having a blast with main idea today! Grab these free sample worksheets to help you get started with this important reading concept.

Enjoy! And happy teaching.

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