You’ll Love These Sorting Activities for Kindergarten

Sorting Activities

One of my student’s favorite units throughout the year has always been sorting by attributes. Kids love to be able to look at the objects around them and recognize how they are similar or different. By teaching students how to sort by properties we are building their ability to collect, classify and organize data. Through this process, they are also growing their descriptive vocabulary by exploring different ways of describing objects. The sorting activities for kindergarten below are sure to be a hit in your classroom while your students explore grouping objects.

Sorting Activities for Kindergarten using Classroom Objects

Elementary classrooms are filled with tons of manipulatives that are perfect for sorting. Have your students use objects they see around them to practice sorting by attributes. Using these laminated sorting mats is a great way to recreate this fun activity over and over again. Sorting mats make a perfect math center. Put out a basket of objects students can sort, or let them collect them from around the room.

  • Use math manipulatives for sorting by color, size, and shape.
  • Crayons and markers are great for sorting by color.
  • Use books from your reading center to practice sorting by size.
  • Students can find a variety of objects for sorting by weight.
Sorting activities
Sorting Objects

Grab these sorting mats here: Sorting Activities

Pocket Chart Sorting Activity

Hands-on practice is the most effective way for students to master sorting. Using a pocket chart to sort pictures is a wonderful way for students to start practicing sorting by attributes. I like to use this activity as a whole group and then move it over into a center. This activity always strikes up great conversations about how items can have a wide variety of attributes and can be sorted in various ways.

Sorting Activity

Check out this sorting activity here.

Sort, Sort, Sort

The more students practice sorting, the better they will become at being able to visually identify various properties as well as categorize them according to the discoverable attributes. Providing students with a variety of ways to sort will help them master these concepts while having a ton of fun.

Cut and paste sorting activities

Some sorting activities for kindergarten that are popular with students are:

Color code sorting activities

Keep it Fun!

It is super easy to keep your sorting activities and lessons fun. Kids love sorting items that they are familiar with such as food. Students can practice sorting by color by using cereal such as fruit loops or colorful candies. Another popular activity is sorting a variety of seeds by shape or kind.

Candy sorted by color

Digital Sorting Activities and a Free Resource

These digital sorting activities for kindergarten are a fun way for students to practice independently. Students will practice sorting by size, shape, color, weight, temperature, thickness, and texture. This FREE counting and classifying digital resource provides great practice for students. They will have fun sorting and classifying objects as well as using graphs to count data. 

I hope you have a ton of fun while teaching your students how to sort by attributes. Providing your students with the tools to practice sorting in various ways is sure to lead to success.

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  • michaela August 9, 2022 at 12:15 pm

    I would like to purchase the sorting or is this free? cannot find where to print. interested in printable apple page as well.

    • Lindsay Keegan August 14, 2022 at 7:05 pm

      Hi Michaela,
      The printable activity pages can be purchased by clicking on the pictures above. The free digital apple sorting activity is free and can also be found by clicking on the picture of the activity.
      Thank you for stopping by.
      Lindsay Keegan

  • Jasmine August 14, 2022 at 5:19 pm

    Nice resource

    • Lindsay Keegan August 14, 2022 at 7:03 pm

      Thank you Jasmine!

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