Easy Science Review Game

When you come to the end of a science unit and you want to check for understanding, what do you do? Let’s skip the boring review worksheets and bust out a fun review game. Use Science SCOOT Games! I’ve used…

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Quick Science Ideas for the Classroom

Are you frustrated with how little time you have for teaching science? Does science get put on the back burner because of the heavy focus on literacy in the primary grades? Well, you are not alone! There never seems to…

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Outdoor Science Activities for Kids

Teaching outdoors is a blast, especially when teaching outdoor science activities! Allowing students to explore and investigate in nature is memorable and fun. Get Outside! Take your lessons outside. Science in the primary classroom can easily be taught outside with…

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Fun Science for the Classroom

Do you feel the struggle to create fun science lessons that are engaging for your students but you have horrible resources or none at all? I know I sure did! I knew I had to find a balance between the…

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FREE Summer Reading Logs

Help your students stay on top of their game this summer with these fun summer reading logs! Students will love coloring in the sweet pictures after they read a book or have a book read to them. There are 2…

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Fun and Engaging Pom Pom Math Centers

What math manipulative is colorful, quiet, inexpensive, easy to clean up and oodles of fun?  Pom Poms!  I love working with pom poms, whether it is for a fun craft or a quick game, they are the perfect tool.  My…

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Valentine’s Day Math Fun!

I love celebrating Valentine’s Day in the classroom, it is such a great time for students to show how much they care for one another.  I love all of the handwritten cards and sweet treats, it is such a happy…

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Reading Goals for a New Year

Heading back to school after the holiday break reminds me of how I felt back at the beginning of the school year.  I am filled with a renewed sense of ambition, energy, and excitement.  It’s amazing how some family time…

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